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Buying Your Home With Us

Buyers G U I D E

Costs & Fees Incurred

Loan Origination Fee
These are fees charged by the lender for processing the loan documents and the closing documents.
Speak with your lender for more information.

Discount Points
These are charged by the lender as a yield on a certain interest rate. Speak with your lender for more information.

Credit Report | $15-$75
Obtained through a credit reporting agency to ascertain the buyer’s debts, payment habits, etc.

Appraisal Fee | $400+
Varies based on loan type and size of property. Charged by the appraiser for an estimate of the value on the home. 

Home Inspections | $700+
Termite – Typically required by the lender to be certain the home is free from wood destroying insects and pests.

Mechanical – If required, checks the operational systems of the house. 
Structural – Does not include the roof. If required, checks non-moving structural aspects of the house.

Additional inspections may include: Irrigation, Roof, Pool, Radon

Attorney Fee | $575+
Charged by the closing attorney for checking the title property and closing. 

Survey | $400+
Required by lender to show lot dimensions, easements encroachments, etc. $90 extra IF buyer wishes stakes to be placed in ground.

Recording Fees (Deed) | $50+
Charged to record the legal documents that transfer title on the property.

Courier Fees | $25+

Title Search & Insurance | $200+
Attorney Orders. Protects buyer from loss sustained by back taxes, liens or encumbrances. 

Homeowner’s Insurance
Buyer to provide. Usually 14 months required in escrow.

Real Property Taxes & HOA | Pro-rated at closing

Prepaid Interest
Interest is charged at closing for the day of closing plus any days left in the month of closing.

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